I offer three areas of marketing communications services: Social Media, Copywriting & Content Writing, and Consulting/Coaching. 


✦  Training/Consulting (in-person or phone/video conferencing) - $75/hour
✦  Evaluation of your social platforms to provide feedback and recommendations: $45 per platform + $125 follow-up/feedback 90-minute meeting
✦  Social media posts creation and/or curation - priced per project
✦  Social media graphics creation and/or curation - priced per project
✦  Content repurposing (curating/creating social media posts from your blog posts, podcasts, videos, articles, etc.) - priced per project
✦  Social Media Management - Full-service social media marketing management of your social platforms with month-to-month billing and no contract; cancel at any time. Network options include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Rates dependent upon number of networks to be managed, frequency of postings, and specific network best practices, generally:
      • $200-$500/monthly for two to three social platforms
      • $600-$1000/monthly for four or more
Management includes but is not limited to:
     • content creation, curation, and postings embodying your business's/organizations's voice, personality, and themes
     • social graphics creation and stock photo curation and manipulation
     • engaging with/replying to your followers
     • monthly reporting


✦ Content Writing and Copywriting for blogs, promotional pieces, press releases, social media, etc.
✦ Editing of your selected content/copy
✦ Concept Branding: creating titles, tag lines, slogans, names
✦ Evaluation of your selected content to provide feedback and recommendations


✦ Consulting, coaching, and/or training on social media marketing, general marketing and promotions, digital marketing, events, campaigns, and general communications. 


Contact me or email me directly to discuss any of the above listed services.