Debbie Dodson

Time is short, writing is hard, you need a fresh idea (or two), and the project you needed to finish today is getting pushed to tomorrow yet again.

That's where I come in.

I've been in the marketing, PR, copywriting, communications, and brand development business for over 20 years assisting and supporting businesses, churches, nonprofits, and individuals and careers. And I've been managing social media for organizations and individuals for 5+ of those years, including creating and curating social media content for organizations managing their own social platforms.

All that to say, I'm a marketing communications specialist who helps others stand out and get noticed. 

Today, I provide strategic, creative, and project marketing communications support to individuals and ministries encompassing content creation/writing, copywriting, consulting, social media consulting and management, and more.

In the career services realm, I write, makeover, and uplevel resumes, LinkedIn Profiles, and cover letters, revitalizing them into modern marketing collateral designed to engage and persuade. I also provide job search and career coaching to help you strategize, prioritize, market, and map out goals for your next career move. As a bonus, I'm also a certified DISC Personality/Behavioral Consultant, which means I can help you identify which skills, talents, work environments, communication styles, and careers best allow you to work in your strengths and showcase you at your best. And it doesn't hurt that my own personal DISC profile assesses me as an "Influencer" ranking highest in the "Persuader" style so that I'm at the top of my game when strategizing with and marketing you as you take your next career steps.

'Want to know more about my professional experience? Visit my LinkedIn profile.  

And although I'm based in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area, via the gift of the internet, I can be anywhere you need me to be.  


Debbie knows what will make people stop and read, stop and think, what they're going to pay attention to, and what they're going to pass by and not give a second thought to. I can't say enough about her talent, her passion and her ability to provide quality work. -- Jessica Sawyer,  Sales Manager
Debbie is a phenomenal writer, communications strategist, and social media manager. Her command of language is remarkable and she has a keen ability to write concise yet compelling copy--intriguing copy that gets right to the heart of the message. She is a strategic thinker and communicator and covers every angle of projects with thorough and detailed thought. --Elyse Darling, Graphic Designer
If articulate and focused communication is needed, then Debbie will exceed your expectations. Her attention to detail and ability to care for others on the journey made her an asset to me personally as she will be to any organization. -- Dave Patchin, Executive Director
Amazing! No other word for the way Debbie transformed both my resume and LinkedIn profile to make me more marketable to potential employees. In fact, I didn't know I was so good! And the coaching session was packed with solid info to help me in my job search. Well worth the investment. --Laurel Branch, Event Planner
Dodson Communications is an awesome resource for small business owners who desire to leverage the power of social media and content marketing but don't know where to start. Spend some time with Debbie and let her help you develop a powerful social media marketing or personal branding plan today. -- Ann Close, Close HR Connections
I would recommend Debbie's dedication to any project as I know her work ethic and project stamp of approval is top notch. -- Mariah Bridges, Brand Development Consultant
Debbie is an excellent writer, copywriter, and all around top-notch communications strategist who understands the nuances of effective marketing communication and how to expertly custom fit the message to the audience. -- Tina Vance, Church Executive Assistant
Debbie listened to our needs as a new church plant and created an all inclusive promotional start-up campaign that also included leveraging social media to help us connect with our community. She created excellent written content for our print and online communication needs while creatively strategizing with us regarding our overall communication and event needs/projects. -- David Strickland, Lead Pastor
 I have worked with Debbie on many projects and have always admired her commitment and ability to get the job done right. Always very impressive. -- Rich Styles, Radio Show Host/Producer