“We don’t see things the way they are; we see things the way we are". - Anais Nin

What is DISC? It's a quandrant behavioral/temperament assessment and model that helps you better understand yourself and others. In the workplace, DISC is the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year (and 70% of Fortune 500 companies) to improve work productivity, teamwork, and communications. It works to build self-awareness of your impact on yourself and others, your emotional IQ, and your personal and professional effectiveness both within and outside the workplace. DISC can be utilized in both an individual or group setting.

WHAT DOES DISC STAND FOR?                                                 

DISC assessments scientifically analyze an individual's manner of doing things through an online assessment. Results are rated based on the four measurable behavioral styles:
D – DOMINANCE—How a person responds to problems and challenges
I –  INFLUENCE—How a person influences others to his/her point of view
S – STEADINESS—How a person responds to the environment pace
C – COMPLIANCE—How a person responds to rules and procedures set by others



• Helps you identify your personality style
• Helps you identify work/career strengths, styles, and natural abilities
• Provides applicable tools for becoming a more effective professional
• Helps identify possible blind-spots that challenge your work/career effectiveness
• Helps you job search better by understanding what type of roles you are best suited for
• Helps you have better personal relationships by enhancing your understanding of those around you 


• Provide a common language to help team members better understand one another
• Act as a springboard for conversation and team building
• Improve team and workplace communications
• Help team members understand those who aren't like them...or are too much like them
• Reduce conflicts and misunderstandings
• Provide applicable tools for becoming more well-rounded and effective leaders
• Offers the ability to identify and respond to different employee/employer (or volunteer) styles
• Helps leaders lead better as they understand the work styles of those they lead


• Includes personal online assessment with 20+ page-results report and one-on-one results review and consult.   


• Presentation (Seminar/Class/Breakout/Dinner/Lunch): Information is presented in a 60-90 minute session.
• Workshop: 1/2 day session


Debbie was outstanding and provided our team with valuable guidance, information, and best of all, extremely practical application. Of all the personality assessments I've been a part of, Debbie's presentation ranks at the top for me. Easy to grasp and easy to remember after the instruction was over. --Philip Peterson

This is the first personality styles class I was able to walk away from and immediately identify the personality types of the people in my work and life, and apply practically what I'd learned to those relationships. Debbie is a dynamic and knowledgeable communicator, with a great sense of humor. Everyone benefits from her presentations. --Michele Woodall

A dynamic speaker and communicator who always gets her message across, Debbie’s infectious and boundless energy never fail to stoke the fires of those on the receiving end of her powerful teaching. She’s creative, passionate, effective, and incredibly insightful. The time absolutely flew by for all of us. –Jay Jennings

Debbie is one of those teachers I could sit and listen to all day. Not only is she is relatable and engaging, her personality and energy kept me thoroughly engaged. She has so much wisdom that I was literally writing pages of notes." –Brigid Eshbaugh

Debbie’s style of communicating is infectious, and her content is very enlightening. I enjoyed her style of teaching, and her insight into her subject matter was some of the most beneficial I've experienced. I would highly recommend her. -Rich Whittemore

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